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How To Help

There are a number of ways you can help The Hub. Below are a few of them, but if you are still unsure and want to help us, then please get in touch, by using our Contact Us form.

Amazon Smile

A huge number of people shop on Amazon, it's a known fact. What is not commonly known is that Amazon partners with charities across the globe to give back to the communities, whenever you spend.

Description of what Amazon Smile is, and how it supports the Hub
How to turn on AmazonSmile in the Amazon App.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you have had any interaction with The Hub, you will know the vast amount of work that gets done, by a relatively small team (mainly John). As such, we are always looking for people to help out with a number of different things, be it active fundraising, committing their time to help run a coffee morning, a bit of food delivery or many other tasks to help our community.

If this is something you would like to do, please reach out using the contact form, sending us a message on our social platforms or calling the Hub directly. 

Peoples' needs are always changing, which means the skillset of The Hub is always adapting.


There is always the more traditional route for helping. Should you wish to donate directly, you can either pop in to the Hub and donate in person, come to a coffee morning, or just use the link below. Every single penny of your donations go directly to helping the people of our community and is greatly appreciated. 

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