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Available Services

Meeting Spaces

We have a number of spaces, depending on your needs. A large area with cafe-type facilities, a classroom and a smaller lounge-style room for those more sensitive meetings/121s.

Training & Learning

In partnership with other organisations, we offer a number of different training courses, such as First Aid, Dementia Awareness, Digital Awareness among others. 

Everyday is a schoolday.


We recognise our limitations and know that there is always someone or another organisation with better tools to help you. Our trick is that we will help you to gain that assistance, not just watch you struggle.

Safe Space

It may not be advice you are in need of, but just somewhere to feel comfortable to offload your day or life's problems, or even to just escape and relax somewhere. This is when you can pop in for a cuppa, a chat (or not) and let a few hours just pass by.


Our team has decades of experience in a number of different sectors, and has immense local knowledge. So whether you are looking for help with baby products or how to best help an ailing parent, the advice is here.

Changing Facility

We are quite unique in the area as we have an accessible changing area, complete with hoist, shower bed and a shower. All of which are regularly inspected. This is available for anyone to use, whether you dont have access yourself, or have sudden requirement to use it. We are here to support you.

This is only a small sample of what we can offer

We have a very flexible approach, so the Hub itself tends to morph into different entities depending on the current needs of the community

      - John Hardy

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