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We are always looking for the next opportunity to help the people of our community. Here are some of the things we are currently doing to tackle that.

Digital Champions

We have partnered with Spark Somerset and the Minehead Eye to establish and develop a digital promotion and access scheme for Somerset. 


123,000 people in Somerset are likely to be at risk of digital exclusion and we recognise that these people are at risk of poorer health and well-being outcomes as government services adopt a digital-only or digital-first agenda.

Coming soon will be things like Digital Cafes, near you, to help those who need technical and digital support, and to tackle the issue of digital exclusion. 

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Community Integration Partnerships

As an organisation, we understand our own limitations and through this recognition, we have decided to reach out to other local organisations to attempt to develop a centralised partnership scheme, that is formally recognised by each organisation, to allow for a more streamlined approach to the help we can all offer.

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Hub on the High Street

THE Long term goal - We are always looking for that golden piece of real estate for us to purchase. The plan is to have somewhere that is a community hub, with 24hr access for all who need it. This would include everything the Hub currently offers along with crisis accommodation support, more access to training spaces and somewhere we can call our own.

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